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Why Cayman

There is an undeniable charm about the Cayman Islands. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, Caymankind attitude, and booming real estate market, Cayman is a great place to own, and invest in, property. 


The Benefits of Investing in Cayman

Cayman's economy and real-estate market are both thriving, and there are numerous socio-economic factors that are likely to support this trend on a ongoing basis. Above all else, Cayman's favorable tax system is a big incentive for investors and purchasers. There is no income tax or capital gains tax in the Cayman Islands. As such, investors can reap full benefits of any profits generated through their rental properties or in any gains in equity at the time of sale. Save for a one-time stamp duty payable at the time of purchase, there is no tax imposed on real property. This also means there is no holding cost - no property tax or school tax that may be common place in other jurisdictions. 


Moreover, the Cayman Islands boasts a reliable and efficient legal system. Its legal and property registration system is at par with other developed countries in North America. Cayman also remains one of the safest countries within the Caribbean. 

Cayman not only benefits from its proximity to North America and Central America, but also from its connectivity to Europe and South America. As such, Cayman sees an influx of a high number of new residents every year. In fact, it has seen tremendous population growth in the last five years. This has led to a very strong rental market on island, generating healthy returns to investors. 

Finally, new developments on island give rise to new gainful opportunities for investors. Our new developments offer pre-construction sales at prices with a high potential for ROI. Early purchasers are able to secure a high-quality home with a guaranteed increase in equity by the time construction is completed. 

In sum, the Cayman Islands real-estate market is exceptionally resilient. It offers incredible value and a high yield on investment in light of its geographic location, its main economic industries, and tax-neutral status. The desirability to invest in Cayman and own properties in this jurisdiction continue to propel the growth and the strength of the real-estate market. 

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